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Shop here for botanical healing products that are boutique and unique. We offer artfully crafted quality, whole- plant medicinals that produce state-of-the-art results, achieved through preparation by caring hands. iNeedHerbs products may provide what commercially manufactured products cannot – custom blends, hand-picked botanicals directly from nature’s soil, pristine ingredients and proven methods – and you’re health is worth it!.

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  1. Immunity Rescue Formula - 1 oz

    Immunity Rescue Formula - 1 oz


    If chronically susceptible to pathogens, having difficulty staying well, experiencing slow illness recuperation or wound healing, or feeling weak about being immune to what you don't want, the herbs of Immunity may:

    • Strengthen immune factors on physical, emotional, and mental levels
    • Support and enable immune capability against auto-immunity, and toward resisting seasonal illness, and ridding bacterial and viral pathogen populations
    • Restore ability to recognize, avoid and neutralize unwanted exposure to elements, people, and conditions
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  2. Up & at 'Em Male Formula - 2 oz

    Up & at 'Em Male Formula - 2 oz


    For Apathy & Laziness - If feeling apathetic, like a lazy couch potato, or experiencing difficulty with getting up and at what you'd like to do, this formula may:

    • Inspire the mind with ingenuity and creative action
    • Stimulate, energize, and motivate without caffeine or harmful stimulants
    • Instigate new meaning for your life, help rediscover abilities, and fulfill goals
    • Medicinal plants known to stabilize thyroid axis hormones that supply self-confidence and worth, providing sensations of well being and stability
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  3. Successful Sea Men Male Formula - 2 oz

    Successful Sea Men Male Formula - 2 oz


    For Infertility or Sterility - As GMO foods, synthetic estrogen plasticizers, cola-nut produced hormone imbalances, and preserved, refined and pesticide laden diets have lead to infertility, immotile sperm, and conception difficulties, this formulas may:

    • Enhance healthy sperm production and seminal fluid in correct amount, pH           balance, and consistency, and increasing sperm health
    • Eliminate and neutralize toxic build-up in the prostate lining by restoring     minerals and support enzymes (may lower PSA)
    • Increase sperm motility and delivery to fertilization and successful implantation
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  4. Masculinity Male Formula - 2 oz

    Masculinity Male Formula - 2 oz


    For Male Strengthening - Embody the full essence and potential of masculinity, experience the enjoyment of masculine charm, and increase potential with supportive and inspiring herbs that may:

    • Increase capacity for inner strength and clarity to stand present and confident
    • Tap into male reserves that may be buried or withheld, and bring out true    purpose and potential
    • Uncover potential, feel power in decision making, amplify self-appreciation, and express true feelings with enduring will and joy
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  5. Lover Boy Male Formula - 2 oz

    Lover Boy Male Formula - 2 oz


    For Libido - If stresses are causing feelings of disinterest, dispassionate asexuality, wanting to disengage, or just don't care, along with prostate problems or skin eruptions these corrective botanicals may:

    • Bring brain chemistry into balanced correlation with testosterone for enhanced core strength and renewed sexual interest
    • Strengthen prostate walls; increasing mineral absorption, iron usage, and bladder strength and control
    • Neutralize toxic build up that causes enlarged prostate and adult acne 
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  6. Grouch-Be-Gone Male Formula - 2 oz

    Grouch-Be-Gone Male Formula - 2 oz


    For Irritability and Grouchiness - When feeling irritated, short tempered, snappy, and mentally fried then allow powerful herbal resources to implement balance that may produce:

    • Correction in Pituitary and Pineal (brain) hormones, giving emotional and mental clarity and stability
    • Enhanced feelings of patience, generosity, and compassion, reducing critical and judgmental thinking and actions
    • Restoration of rational and reasonable thinking for caring response and kindhearted reaction
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  7. God of Thunder Male Formula - 2 oz

    God of Thunder Male Formula - 2 oz


    For Sexual/Erectile Dysfunction - When excess mental stress, lack of libido, poor sexual performance, and erectile dysfunction emerge this formula may:

    • Enhance feelings of masculine sensuality and attractiveness
    • Balance testosterone that reduces mental stress and brain fog, increases sex drive, and produces engorgement from flaccidity
    • Reduce and eliminate excess estrogen that produces lack of libido, emotional states, and hair loss
    • Restore sexual attraction, sexual performance, and erectile success
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  8. Andropause Male Formula - 2 oz

    Andropause Male Formula - 2 oz


    For Male Menopause - When out of balance and depleted hormones produce irritability, short sightedness, night sweats, sleep problems, unreasonable fears, or foggy thinking these powerful male herbs may:

    • Restore balance to testosterone and progesterone that increase mental and physical strength
    • Promote feelings of attractiveness, self-worth, and mental strength, while    eliminating emotional imbalances and spikes in temper and body temperature
    • Reduce and eliminate excess estrogen that produces breasts enlargement and hair thinning, while enhancing intellect and mental clarity
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  9. Tranquility Rescue Formula - 1 oz

    Tranquility Rescue Formula - 1 oz


    Some say its herbal "Zanax" or "Paxil" when anxiety, panic, nervous overwhelms, labored breathing, heart pounding, and internal shakiness appear, use the rescue ability of Tranquility herbs that may:

    • Restore calmness and inner quiet, reduce heart palpations, slow breathing
    • Ease feelings and thoughts of panic, anxiety, or doom
    • Empower ability to take-charge and be in self-control, and to talk yourself off-the-ledge, supporting self direction and self-soothing
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  10. Herbal First Aid Kit

    Herbal First Aid Kit


    Everything you need for remedying acute and critical health conditions.

    Kit contains:

    • Portable Fabric Zipper Case with mesh pockets
    • Anti-Bacterial Formula -1 oz.
    • Toxin Neutralization Formula -1 oz.
    • B-Complex -2 oz.
    • Colloidal Silver -2 oz.
    • Echinacea -1 oz.
    • Thyme- 1 oz.
    • Tea Tree Essential Oil- 0.5 oz.
    • Eye Tears - 0.5 oz.
    • Hand Sanitizer -1 oz.
    • Stitch Kit
    • Tweezers

    Instructional Materials - Acute action for critical care

    • Poison Purger
    • Flu Flusher
    • Cold Killer
    • Stomach Soother
    • Kidney/Bladder/UTI Dis-Infection

    Emergency Conditions Identification and Action Chart

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