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Shop here for botanical healing products that are boutique and unique. We offer artfully crafted quality, whole- plant medicinals that produce state-of-the-art results, achieved through preparation by caring hands. iNeedHerbs products may provide what commercially manufactured products cannot – custom blends, hand-picked botanicals directly from nature’s soil, pristine ingredients and proven methods – and you’re health is worth it!.

Essential Oils

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  1. Apricot Kernel Cold Pressed Oil - 1oz

    Apricot Kernel Cold Pressed Oil - 1oz


    The oil of the apricot seed is high in natural B-17, or laetrile, a powerful dis-ease fighting agent. Cold pressed apricot kernel oil drops can be applied topically to wound, injury, rash, skin tag, mole, wart, cysts, inflamed lymph, or any dis-ease site on the area for 2-6 weeks, and put in water or juice and drunk 1, 2, or 3 three times daily. Learn More
  2. Eucalyptus Essential Oil - 0.5oz

    Eucalyptus Essential Oil - 0.5oz


    This tree leaf oil contains menthol, camphor, and other properties that may produce dilation, stimulation, and circulation, deeply penetrating through skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and vessels. It may open bronchial passages, sinus cavities/membranes, and relieve congestion by moving more blood and fluids to escort pathogens from the area. More effective than many antibiotics, Eucalyptus may perform better in cases of Staph, Strep, and pneumonia. Learn More
  3. Lavender Essential Oil - 0.5oz

    Lavender Essential Oil - 0.5oz


    Lavender flowers possess a natural anti-bacterial agent that may kill bacteria and relax tissues to release trauma so that healing occurs faster, while preventing scars from forming. Essential oil of lavender used topically may help ease stress when rubbed into the spine and neck, as it may improve circulation, promote dilation, and penetrate fluids for increasing energy flow. Suggested for wound healing, place oil around the wound, not directly on top, applying often where contusion or trauma have occurred. It may speed healing for internal bacterial infection in gall bladder, appendix, stomach ache, throat, sinuses, and ears when used directly on skin over the area. Only medicinal varieties can be used internally due to toxicity - this is medicinal quality. Learn More
  4. Rosemary Essential Oil - 0.5oz

    Rosemary Essential Oil - 0.5oz


    The essential oil of Rosemary may stimulate the thyroid and all its functions, and can be topically applied over thyroid to maintain its function. It may boost all circulation in the body, dialte capillaries, and relieve neuropathy. Externally used it may ease muscle pain, sciatica, and neuralgia. A drop of essential oil under the tongue may relieve nausea and headache. Learn More
  5. Tea Tree Essential Oil - 0.5oz

    Tea Tree Essential Oil - 0.5oz


    The essential oil of this Australian tree may provide one of the strongest antiseptics in nature as shown when applied to carbuncles and pus-filled infections that dissolve pus and inhibits bacterial growth without damaging the tissue surrounding it, even in the mouth. It may also be therpeutic as topical application for parasitic skin diseases, some rashes, itching, nail fungus, acne, abscesses, boils, canker sores, and skin ulcers. It has astringent and anesthetic properties, making Tea Tree effective as a pain reducer, deodorant, and cleanser for wounds, Candida, bacterial and fungal infections, ringworm, and sore throats when gargled or topically applied to neck. Learn More
  6. Thyme Essential Oil - 0.5oz

    Thyme Essential Oil - 0.5oz


    Thyme may be the most powerful repairing and restoring agent for the pancreas, i.e. pancreatitis, diabetes, hypoglycemia, etc, and may be boosting to all its supervised organs: colon, small intestines, stomach, appendix, bile duct, and pancreas duct. Thyme may be effetive when used internally and topically as an anti-bacterial agent in killing all unwanted bacteria, warding off flues, colds, diarrhea, fever, intestinal infection, and nausea. Internally thyme may be a strong detoxifier for digestive and respiratory infections, asthma, whooping cough, and tonsillitis, and may prevent stones from forming, viruses from taking hold and acid-indigestion. Thyme may give physical, mental, and emotional energy, and putting thyme and sprouted wheat together may remove radiation from the body; due to irradiated food consumption, cell phone use, computer use, cancer radiation therapy, etc. Extracts and teas may be very effective in cases of flues, colds, sore throats, heart burn, migraine headache, and may be successful against the parasite with teeth known as hookworm. Learn More

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