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Shop here for botanical healing products that are boutique and unique. We offer artfully crafted quality, whole- plant medicinals that produce state-of-the-art results, achieved through preparation by caring hands. iNeedHerbs products may provide what commercially manufactured products cannot – custom blends, hand-picked botanicals directly from nature’s soil, pristine ingredients and proven methods – and you’re health is worth it!.

Eradicating Formulas

Eradicating Formulas

Random, recurring, or chronic symptoms can be painful, irritating, bothersome, and may delay or prevent healing. Eradicating Formulas contain combinations of effective and potent botanicals that may speed healing, and target specific conditions that may eliminate the root cause and the resulting symptom. Peak Frequency Plant Therapy may help you eradicate the symptoms of acne, allergies, cold sore, cold or flu, liver, colon and eye problems, hepatitis, migraine, mouth dis-ease, restless leg, stomach acid, and a kidney/ bladder or urinary tract infection while receiving support for healing and energy boosting.

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  1. Acne Erdacating Formula - 2 oz

    Acne Eradicating Formula - 2oz


    Acne provides powerful herbs that may work in the skin, kidneys and adrenals to eliminate the bacteria and hormone imbalance that produce eruptions of acids and toxins in tissues and pores. Learn More
  2. Eyesight Eradicating Formula - 2 oz

    Eyesight Eradicating Formula - 2 oz


    When eyes become unfocused, painful, dull, dry or blurry due to muscle weakness, tiredness, accumulated radiation from computer and cell phone, lack of sleep or overuse, the herbs contained in Eyesight may:

    • Reduce redness, swelling, tiredness, and improve muscle strength for focus
    • Sharpen lens activity, and improve cones and macular health
    • Eliminate radiation accumulation in eyes

    Suggested Use: 30 drops 3-5 times daily until irritation lessens, then 30 drops daily when experiencing conditions that cause eye strain, dryness, or other problems. Applications of soothing and mineral enhancing Eye Tears directly into eyes may compliment efficacy.

    Learn More
  3. Allergy Eradicating Formula - 2 oz

    Allergy Eradicating Formula - 2 oz


    When seasonal or food allergies, leaky gut, toxic build-up of putrefied foods, fats, or pharmaceuticals produce itchy, watery eyes, bloating, hives, skin irritation, runny nose, sinus or lung congestion, or breathing difficulty, the herbal combination contained in Allergy may:

    • Eradicate allergic symptoms
    • Reduce histamines, swelling, and discomfort
    • Alleviate hereditary patterns that produce histamine responses
    • Support detoxification

    Suggested Use: take orally in large dosages (30-45 drops), administered frequently (3-6 times daily) for 3 days, then reduce to 2-4 times daily at lowered dosages (15-20 drops).

    Learn More
  4. Liver Disorder Eradicating Formula - 2 oz

    Liver Disorder Eradicating Formula - 2 oz


    If the liver has become weak and dysfunctional due to malnutrition, fat storage, elevated enzymes, cirrhosis, drug or pesticide toxins, hepatitis and/or blood factor imbalance, the combined herbs contained in Liver Disorder may:

    • Reduce swelling, pain, and dysfunction, and restore capability to repair and detoxify
    • Assist in conversion of fat to digestive bile, reducing blood serum cholesterol
    • Reduce formation of gall stones
    • Increase filtration of toxins out food, fluid, and blood

    Eradicate symptoms of body weakness, exhaustion, indigestion, iron poor blood, headaches, and abdominal pain

    Learn More
  5. Stomach Acid Eradicating Formula - 2oz

    Stomach Acid Eradicating Formula - 2oz


    When mental or emotional stress, nutrient depletion, rancid fats, dehydration, or excess acidity has caused gripping abdominal pain, acid reflux, esophageal or heart burn, and/or nausea, Stomach Acidity may eradicate symptoms with suggested use of 10-20 drops every 15 minutes for 1 hour, then reduce to 20 drops 2 times daily, while working to diminish causal source. In extreme cases, may be accompanied by Real Salt or baking in soda water (1/4 tsp in 1 cup water). Learn More
  6. Restless Leg Eradicating Formula - 2oz

    Restless Leg Eradicating Formula - 2oz


    The inability to arrest movement in the leg may be caused by deficient iron and oxygen to legs, or blocked groin lymph, or reduced rate of blood or fluid exchange in extremities. Restless Leg herbs may provide new solutions, pathways, and connections for nerves, vessels and ducts, while calming feelings of restlessness. Suggested use, large doses (30-45 drops) 2-3 times daily at first, then once symptoms abate, continue maintenance dosages for a minimum of 21 days, then 1-2 times weekly for 3-6 months. May cause calmness or tiredness. Learn More
  7. Kidney-Bladder Comfort Eradicating Formula - 2oz

    Kidney-Bladder Comfort Eradicating Formula - 2oz


    For discomfort, pain, burning, discharge, or infection of kidneys, bladder, or ureters, (urinary tract infection) choose the powerful herbal formula of Kidney/Bladder comfort that may eradicate every symptom and pain. Suggested dosage is to take 15 drops every 1/2 to 3 hours, depending on severity, which may restore pH balance, rid bacteria and swelling, and relieve pain and burning. In cases of chronic bladder and kidney infections, UTI's, and interstitial cystitis, suggested use is 20-25 drops 2-3 times daily for 3-6 weeks, and drink plenty of fluids with Cell Power added to water. Learn More
  8. Cold Sore Eradicating Formula - 2oz

    Cold Sore Eradicating Formula - 2oz


    Should burning, throbbing, electrical tingling, and/or redness occur at the onset of outbreak, Cold Sore Eradicating Formula may naturally nip it in the bud. Sugested amounts are 30 drops hourly for 6-8 hours, while applying 3-5 drops topically to affected area, rub in well, and drink plenty of fluids. After first 8 hours, it is suggested to take 30 drops 4-6 times daily for 3-7 days, depending on severity. In extreme cases, or after outbreak occurs, combine above with AVF (15 drops hourly), B-complex (45-60 drops hourly), and L-lysine for first 8 hours, then reduce to same amount of drops 4-6 times. Learn More
  9. Cold & Flu Eradicating Formula - 2oz

    Cold & Flu Eradicating Formula - 2oz


    Reach for Cold & Flu at first sign of symptoms, such as congested head or chest, body aches or tenderness, chills or fever, heavy head or eyes, or aching back with abdominal discomfort - and allow the herbal combination to offer what may be pure comfort and the end of these dis-eases. Suggested dosages, administered frequently (10-15 drops or more every 1-2 hours) for 3 days, then reducing to twice daily at higher dosages for 5-7 days to allow the properties of this formula's herbs to produce a powerful cure and then boost immunity Learn More
  10. Mouth Disorder Eradicating Formula - 2 oz

    Mouth Disorder Eradicating Formula - 2 oz


    The potent botanicals in Mouth Dis-ease may be the answer for oral/mouth diseases such as:

    • Chronic canker sores and acidic mouth
    • Gum distress from pyorrhea or gingivitis
    • Receding or bleeding gums, or dry mouth
    • Jaw bone loss
    • Root canal infection
    • Dental cavity filled amalgam/mercury toxicity

    Suggested Use: 30-50 drops 2-3 times daily for 1-6 months

    Learn More

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